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Sourcing should be simple. We keep it that way.
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Join hands with us and ...
Be understood
Save time
Save money
Be assisted

We optimize your time by reducing the clutter and simplifying sourcing. We also proactively prevent issues and fix problems quickly.

We ensure transparency in transaction and work on cost+ pricing. There are no hidden costs. So, you always get optimal pricing and value for money.

We understand international business and always try to meet country specific demands. Moreover, we are eager to listen and make amends as required.  

From the start to the end of your projects with ITGS, you are in contact with ONE person who knows what you expect. That way, everything is clear, all the way.

Do business with ease. Source with confidence.
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Sampling to Shipment. We've got it all covered.
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Sourcing from India is considered challenging, but it is not really so. In fact, it can be easy & rewarding.


Join hands with us and source the best that India has to offer. We have the right factories across the length and breadth of the country. Categories are vast, so is the variety. Come, explore.

While sourcing, our focus is always first on quality but the underlying proposition is always value-for-money. So, what you get is best quality at reasonable prices.


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